Tamara Gonzales and Andrea Bergart’s “Popsicle Puddle” Nail Wraps

Designed by Brooklyn-based artists, these accessories evoke a melting-hot NYC summer

by Chermelle D. Edwards

For LA-based former Kickstarter project Scratch‘s summer release, the brand worked with two Brooklyn-based artists—Andrea Bergart and Tamara Gonzales—on a design aptly named “Popsicle Puddle.” The artists collaborated on each step of the graphic nail print, and the result is reminiscent of the oftentimes bold, colorful art covering various walls and fences in Bushwick (where the two Bergart and Gonzales became friends) and brightly colored popsicles.

“Bushwick is loaded with artist studios, good food and galleries. Day and night people are following their dreams and the neighborhood reflects that energy. Collaborations are a natural outcome. The evidence is everywhere. When I collaborate I don’t feel like I lose my individuality,” Gonzales tells CH.

Guided by their existing work in marbling, the artists were invited to experiment on a week-long, large-scale project that included a marbling kit at the Jacquard Factory in Northern CA. While there, the duo floated pigments in carrageenan—experimenting on fabrics and clothes. “We were both excited to do something on a large scale. At the time, we didn’t know where the art would land. The fact that the first public expression of the project is nail is kinda great,” says Gonzales.

For the nail foils, Gonzales and Bergart’s visions matched perfectly: summer, New York, melting, heat and fun. Leading with technique, the two managed the quick marbling process by working collaboratively—patterning and adding color. The result is vivid, bold and certainly reflects their initial goal. “The colors are found in most ice cream trucks that circle our streets here in NYC. The final design reminds us of melted popsicle puddles—all swirled together,” Bergart tells us.

Gonzales and Bergart’s “Popsicle Puddle” nail wraps are available now for $10, along with all Scratch’s other designs.

Images courtesy of Andrea Bergart and Tamara Gonzales, and Scratch