KNIGHT CO’s Simple, Sophisticated Skincare

Minimal ingredients and a honed aesthetic combine for these unisex products

Founded by California-born Bryant Knight, skincare brand KNIGHT CO. creates products that are minimal in their ingredients as well as their design. With just three items in the range so far—a daily face wash, moisturizer and an exfoliator—everything is made in the USA with simplicity and sophistication in mind. Impressively transparent, there is a full list of ingredients used on the brand’s website, and everything …

Pocket Farmacy

Featuring some of our favorite oils from Saje, the Pocket Farmacy is a new travel essential for us at CH. The light, easily packable set includes Peppermint Halo (for headaches), Gutzy (for stomach pain) and more, so that many ailments and stresses potentially brought on by travel are looked after. Each vial contains 0.2 fl, so it’s airplane-safe too.

Mulberry Silk Lounge Pants

If you can’t bear to dive in the sheets fully nude, these gossamery lounge pants are your best bet for sleeping as close to naked as possible. Made from incredibly soft 100% mulberry silk—in a unique, laborious process during which silkworms are not harmed—this wide-leg piece is un-dyed to complete its close-to-nature appeal. Part of the profits go to two worthy charities.