A Natural Hangover Remedy from Province Apothecary

The handmade skincare and fragrance line adds a botanical recipe to soothe nausea and headaches


Aromatherapist and holistic health practitioner Julie Clark of Toronto-based Province Apothecary has a knack for experimenting with different natural ingredients (many of which are organic or picked in the wild from Canadian provinces) to create effective products beyond just face cream. As fans of her all-natural sex oil, that doubles as a light summer body oil, we were delighted to find that PA’s newest product, the Hang Over Remedy Tincture, is just as functional—and pretty useful for us, as we enjoy writing about cocktails here at CH.

“I have been seeing an herbalist for the last few years and she prescribes tinctures to me,” Clark tells CH. “I’ve seen an improvement in my digestion, mood and energy by taking tinctures. I asked her to collaborate with me and design a tincture for overindulging. Until I was 30, I never felt hung over; now it happens when I have just a little bit of alcohol.”

The new Hang Over Remedy Tincture is a blend of milk thistle weed, ginger root, peppermint, black horehound, fo-ti (an herb), centuary (a wild medicinal herb) and meadowsweet in ethyl alcohol. When coffee, a hot shower and greasy burritos have no effect on pacifying a particularly wretched morning after, a teaspoon of this unique formula mixed with a small amount of water offers some relief for nausea and headache; it also helps the liver detoxify the body. We actually used the tincture in hopes to alleviate some symptoms of jet lag after a trans-Pacific flight. To our untrained nose, the tincture smells woody and a bit like licorice; mixed with water, only a faint touch of peppermint can be perceived by the tongue. So far, the tincture hasn’t hurt, as we seem to be adjusting quickly back to US time. “You are welcome to use it any time, to relieve an upset stomach, to get a boost of energy, to help stay focused or if you are hung over,” says Clark, and she notes that PA will be coming out with a few more tinctures with those specific things in mind.

The Hang Over Remedy Tincture releases today, 15 October 2014, from Province Apothecary online for $16 (30ml).

Images courtesy of Province Apothecary