Nice Grill Cat Collar

Resplendent in a vibrant emerald and navy pattern, the Nice Grill cat collar from New Orleans-based See Scout Sleep is a thoughtful, design-forward pet accessory. Made from a light hemp webbing that’s non-allergenic and full of anti-bacterial properties, the collar is equipped with a safety release buckle that’s designed to snap open easily if a cat is uncomfortable. Crafted with easygoing felines in mind, the Nice …

Holiday Gift Guides 2021: Kids + Pets

Games, toys, kits, books and more that encourage learning, imagination and play

We certainly recognize the substantial differences between children and pets, but kids and creatures depend on us for everything, from keeping them safe to encouraging them with care. It’s important to remind them how much we love them—unequivocally and unconditionally—too. Of course, giving gifts isn’t the only way to do this, but there’s something undeniably wondrous about products developed with youthful humans, canines, felines and …

Seigaiha Dog Collar

Made in Hawaii by Ilio and Co for Portland-based Kiriko, these dog collars use traditional Japanese fabrics for an accessory that’s as sturdy as it is stylish. The brass hardware compliments the prints and this Seigaiha (or “sea and waves”) pattern is our favorite. Two sizes are available—15-inch medium or 19-inch large—along with matching (or mismatching) leashes.