Nendo’s Minimalist Cubic Pet Goods

A multi-use bed, bowl and toys from the Japanese design company

The latest offerings from prolific and influential Japanese design studio Nendo, helmed by Oki Sato, is for our furry friends. Designed in the same vein as 2013’s geometric collection—created for Japanese lifestyle magazine PEN—the new Cubic Pet Goods focus on blending with home interiors and being as useful as possible.

Eschewing the round and ostentatious, which describe the plentiful options at pet stores, the Cubic Pet Goods are based on straight lines to match up with walls, windows, corners, etc. A cube-shaped dog house can be “squashed down” into a bed, a square food bowl has embossed lines at different levels top indicate how much food has been consumed, and let’s not forget entertainment. Nendo has designed two different dog toys that owners will never feel the urge to put away and “hide,” as they’re beautiful enough to keep on the floor.

Nendo’s Cubic Pet Goods are only available in Japan for now, but hopefully they make their way Stateside—and beyond—soon. In June, Design Museum Holon in Israel will be hosting Nendo’s first-ever large-scale retrospective exhibition that will give visitors a look at the studio’s unique approach to design through 74 of Oki Sato’s pieces.

Images courtesy of Akihiro Yoshida