Bristly Lets Dogs Brush Their Own Teeth

This toy entertains your pooch while also improving their oral hygiene

Pinning your dog down to brush his or her teeth isn’t fun for anybody—between their painstaking reluctancy and your own guilt—but ignoring their oral health isn’t possible. Dental bones and other chews can help, but they don’t often get into those hard-to-reach places. Fortunately, a Kickstarter launched recently with a solution to the double-fault dilemma: a toy that’s dedicated to cleaning a dog’s teeth and gums that is actually effective.

Bristly is a chew toy with stabilizing paw-pads on each side and a toothpaste reservoir that precisely portions out the product as the dog chews. Bristles line both sides of the toy, so every bite brushes teeth—even the molars at the back. Four variations allow dogs of all size, and bite strength, to benefit from the toy’s innovative design.

The team behind Bristly began with the goal of raising $15,000, but they’ve already secured more than $330K in pledge money. Backers have clearly found that Bristly might just tackle a problem that dog-owners have long struggled with.

Images courtesy of Bristly