From political protest songs to electro-noir from a disco legend, the week in music

Teddy Geiger: I Was in a Cult Teddy Geiger’s been rather busy over the last five years, collaborating with many well-known artists on their music—and delivering several hits in the process. Now, she returns with her first solo material in five years—under the pseudonym teddy

Four Young Art Galleries

A selection of burgeoning, French-related spaces that aim to shake up the art scene

At Paris’ Slick Art Fair in October, CH discovered the work of several young galleries that reflect the ever-evolving nature of the industry. Beyond the traditional role of representing artists, their more proactive approach leads them to investigate and discover talents, help emerging movements rise and even produce their own artwork. Bringing back a dose of curiosity and pioneering spirit in the market, a new …

Interview: Adam Broomberg

One half of London-based duo Broomberg and Chanarin discusses his interpretation of contemporary war photography

Photography isn’t a practice that’s conducive to duos; in fact, from a more general perspective, most contemporary visual artists are solitary figures. Thus, the story of duo Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin is a slightly peculiar yet significant one. Together—through their photography—they provoke political and social questions that many are too content or afraid to ask. And, while recognizing its limitations at the same time, …

Artist Darren Cullen

The dark-humoured and controversial Irish artist and his new anti-military recruitment comic

by Sabine Zetteler Throughout his career, artist Darren Cullen has forced his audience to question their views of social acceptability and culpability. Citing the “Spitting Image Komic Book” as one of the most formative influences on his work, he continues to embrace some of the most difficult moral and ethical quandaries within contemporary society. In characteristically tongue-in-cheek fashion, Cullen acknowledges his need to constantly question …

Osama bin Laden’s Compound

Surveying the design details of the world's newest notorious hideout

Like any media-obsessed normal person, we’ve been riveted to the coverage surrounding the killing of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan, and especially interested in the descriptions of whereabouts that overnight went from “cave” to “McMansion.” Curious about what exactly goes into sheltering an international terrorist for six years, we focused on what architectural details have surfaced so far. In other words, what kind of a …