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From political protest songs to electro-noir from a disco legend, the week in music

Teddy Geiger: I Was in a Cult

Teddy Geiger’s been rather busy over the last five years, collaborating with many well-known artists on their music—and delivering several hits in the process. Now, she returns with her first solo material in five years—under the pseudonym teddy<3—and it's nothing shy of a powerful pop-rock number. "I Was in a Cult" is the first track from of Geiger's forthcoming third solo LP, LillyAnna.

Valentine feat. Rob Araujo + patches: Embrace

“Embrace” is a jazzy electro tune from producer-turned-vocalist Valentine, multi-instrumentalist Rob Araujo, and rapper patches. The three connect on the third installment of singles from Valentine’s upcoming album Falling, out soon on Majestic Casual Records. With soft, bright synths; super-sweet vocals and clean production, the result is a summery vibe.

Lonnie Holley: I Woke Up in a Fucked-Up America

Nothing short of a poet, Lonnie Holley delivers a razor-sharp portrait of the state of the States with his latest single “I Woke Up in a Fucked-Up America.” From the vocal onslaught to the militant percussion and an eerie brass section, the track bulldozes forward. The video, directed by Matt Arnett and Ethan Payne, features warped iconography and many artworks that jar viewers to their core. It’s certainly effective. Holley’s latest album, MITH, releases 21 September on Jagjaguwar.

Guided by Voices: You Own The Night

Offering a telescopic glimpse at Guided by Voices’ February 2019 album Zeppelin Over China, “You Own The Night” lands the rock act’s indie-anthemic sound with gusto. Another gem in Robert Pollard’s prolific portfolio, the track rises and falls with chugging guitar work. It’s beautiful, perhaps simply so, but that makes the melody all the more effective.

Giorgio Moroder + Raney Shockne: Moyocoyotzin

Italian dance legend Giorgio Moroder (aka the Father of Disco) has teamed up with composer and producer Raney Shockne for the soundtrack from crime series “Queen of the South” and the result is pulsating dark disco that thrills. Premiering on Stereogum today, the top pick of the 28 songs might be “Moyocoyotzin“—a potentially perfect example of retro-vibed electro-noir.

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