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TerrorBull Games

Take control of world politics with a British line of satirical board games

British gaming start-up, TerrorBull Games, takes some of the world’s most serious and complex issues and turns it into entertainment with satirical board games that may or may not be family friendly, based on your definition of quality family time.

The company’s first board game, War on Terror, made headlines when it debuted with mixed reviews from the public as either being satirically amusing, or dismissed as sick and twisted. Here at CH, we don’t think the two are mutually exclusive.

The second game released in the TerrorBull line-up was Crunch, a game that puts you in the role of the CEO of a global bank, and makes it your responsibility to do whatever it takes to ensure a comfortable and luxurious retirement.

Most recently the company has been attracting headlines with their print-and-play mini-games that can be printed out for free, and played instantly within the home or office. This summer’s release was, Operation BP: Bullshit Plug, the print-and-play game that sets players in the role of BP’s CEO with the objective of the game being to bullshit as much as possible, in efforts to protect the company’s financial interests while still managing the catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

One of the company’s most controversial print-and-play games is Mosqopoloy, a game centered around one of the most contended issues of the year, the Grand Zero Mosque. The premise of the mockingly sinister game is to stop the development of the Mosque from taking over the “the world’s greatest city, in the world’s greatest country”. A definite jab against the stereotypical,overly-patriotic American, the British board game company makes light of the situation that stands in development today.

We hope that Terrorbull games continues to produce satirical entertainment as a way to navigate through the ludicrous world of politics. Terrorbull board games sell from £8.99 to £29.95 on their site along with other Terrorbull memorabilia. The Terrorbull print-and-play games can also be printed from their site, here.


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