The Personal Popper

Crafted from premium, LFGB-certified silicone, W&P’s Personal Popper prepares four cups of popcorn in four minutes or under. Kernels can be measured in the lid’s cup and then microwaved in the bowl that doubles as a serving container. When done, the popper (available in red and black) collapses for easy storage.

Amish Popcorn Library

Packed inside this “Amish Popcorn Library” are 12 separately packaged varietals of corn grown in Indiana’s Amish country. Each four ounce bag is one serving—enough for a few light snackers or one hungry human. They’re non-GMO, tender and colorful alternatives to the industrialized kernels inside supermarket bags. And, you’re purchasing directly from a family farm when you buy a box—Brian Lehman’s to be exact.

Vegan Rob’s Healthy Snacks

Super-tasty veggie puffs, popcorn and chips that don't hold back on flavor

When cravings for chips, popcorn and crunchy things can’t be met with a piece of fruit or some nuts, it’s best to stick to the healthiest and most flavorful options. Rob’s snacks (made up of Vegan Rob’s and Crunchy Rob’s) are no old-fashioned treats: the nibbles—from popcorn to potato chips and veggie puffs—are flavorful and even if you find yourself chomping down an entire bag …