Interview: Postalco Co-Founder, Mike Abelson

We discuss Japan's collaborative community, designing for your own curiosity and owning less

I just feel like having less and less, but I really want to love the things I have

Putting Pen To Paper

Six writing implements, notebooks and more to inspire

It doesn’t matter if one is heading back to school or committing to an effective autumn at work, the appropriate writing implements make it all easier. Even as technology develops, there’s nothing like putting pen (or pencil) to paper. As expected, design has also come a long way. The following six items represent intriguing shapes, materials and colors from brands both new and emerging. A …

Farmer’s Felt Wallets by Postalco

Folded Japanese paper makes for a surprisingly dynamic and durable accessory

Even the most exuberant pieces produced by Postalco carry a quiet elegance, and much of this pertains to the brand’s use of top-tier materials. For years now, founder Mike Abelson has experimented with premium leathers, pressed cottons and Japanese papers. Along the way, Abelson and his brand have collected devout followers seeking out notebooks, bags, wallets and more. A refined aesthetic—not quite minimal as there …