Postalco’s New Movement-Focused Free Arm Shirt 01

Japanese cotton garments tailored for active use

From our favorite Brooklyn-to-Tokyo brand Postalco comes a new product range informed by research into bodily movement. The Free Arm Shirt 01 represents a new type of tailored workwear—where the construction of its sleeves and shoulders allow for an unrestricted range of movement. Founders Mike and Yuri Abelson sought out, and discovered, a solution to shirts that inhibited active use. They achieve this through spiral-shaped shoulder seams that …

CH Japan: Handmade Paper Accessories with Awagami Factory + POSTALCO

Our path from paper-making to a limited edition "wallet"

One of the last artisan paper-making studios in Japan, Awagami Factory specializes in hand-making various types of natural washi paper. Run by the Fujimori family, Awagami dedicates time to developing contemporary uses for washi, as well—its large scale inkjet photography paper is a good example. During our CH Japan travel experience we visited the 8th generation family business in Tokushima. There—among professional papermakers—we learned the …

Interview: Postalco Co-Founder, Mike Abelson

We discuss Japan's collaborative community, designing for your own curiosity and owning less

I just feel like having less and less, but I really want to love the things I have