Postalco’s New Movement-Focused Free Arm Shirt 01

Japanese cotton garments tailored for active use

From our favorite Brooklyn-to-Tokyo brand Postalco comes a new product range informed by research into bodily movement. The Free Arm Shirt 01 represents a new type of tailored workwear—where the construction of its sleeves and shoulders allow for an unrestricted range of movement. Founders Mike and Yuri Abelson sought out, and discovered, a solution to shirts that inhibited active use.

They achieve this through spiral-shaped shoulder seams that grant flexibility—an uncommon feature for button-downs. Each shirt is crafted from Japanese cotton fabric, contributing a comfortable thickness and additional durability. Altogether, they look good and won’t strain under active use.

Postalco’s Free Arm Shirt 01 is available online in an off-white or charcoal gray in their weather cloth fabric or in blue chambray. Each is priced at ¥29,700 (approximately $270 at today’s exchange rate).

Images courtesy of Postalco