CH Japan: Handmade Paper Accessories with Awagami Factory + POSTALCO

Our path from paper-making to a limited edition "wallet"

One of the last artisan paper-making studios in Japan, Awagami Factory specializes in hand-making various types of natural washi paper. Run by the Fujimori family, Awagami dedicates time to developing contemporary uses for washi, as well—its large scale inkjet photography paper is a good example. During our CH Japan travel experience we visited the 8th generation family business in Tokushima. There—among professional papermakers—we learned the art of paper-making, played with various natural fibers, sifted pulp in large basins, made our own paper sheets and participated in a Sekkazome dyeing workshop. Awagami’s pristine facility offered insight on the process and experiences that illuminated its history and future.

Tokyo-based accessories design brand Postalco (a CH favorite) has created many products with Awagami. The resulting handmade items embody everything we love about both companies. One of our favorites is the Postalco Farmer’s Felt wallet. Produced with hearty washi paper, the item has two compartments, can stow cards, coins and cash and closes with a snap. Over time the paper develops a leather-like texture. We liked it so much we collaborated with them to create our own limited edition CH Omakase Edition Farmer’s Felt version, in an exclusive deep purple, which is part of our Omakase collection and is available to purchase online.

Images by Josh Rubin