OYA Pour Over Set

Made by the staff of POT—a ceramics studio in LA that prioritizes people of color, adult beginners and the LGBTQ+ community—this pink pour-over set is full of levity, featuring a speckled design and a wacky frowny face with eyes made of stars. 100% of the proceeds from purchases of this set go to OYA Studio-Museum in Philadelphia to help Black ceramicists make and acquire art.

Stoneware Coffeemaker Nº4

Comprised of a ceramic base, a Borosilicate glass carafe (with ML measurements) and a brewer, Manual’s Coffeemaker Nº4 celebrates the tech-free ritual of coffee making. A glass nest offers room for Hario v60 or Kalita Wave filters and plenty of grounds. Below, the glass carafe catches each drop. The entire system (which stands at 10.5 inches) looks gorgeous on the kitchen counter, too. Ultimately slower …

Foolproof + High-Quality At-Home Coffee Kits

From Vietnamese traditions to an icon of design, these sets will elevate your morning brew

Whatever your skill level, a well-stocked coffee brewing set-up with freshly roasted high-quality beans will make drinking coffee at home easier and infinitely more pleasurable. Used in conjunction with a CH favorite roaster (like Sey Coffee, Cafe Grumpy, Devocion Coffee or Saint Frank Coffee) or your own pick, each of these coffee kits will elevate your morning caffeine fix. Some sets provide space-saving solutions and …