Kone Brewing System

A refined, convenient, sustainable solution to pour-over coffee—made entirely in the USA


In recent years, pour-over coffee has become the new standard for those looking to get the most from their morning cup. While the stripped-down method of brewing brings out the richest flavor profile from the beans, it’s not always the most convenient method—especially for multiple cups or entertaining. The crew of coffee-professionals-turned-entrepreneurs at Bay Area-based Able Brewing presents their answer to streamlining and beautifying the pour-over experience, the Kone Brewing System.

able-brewing-2A.jpg able-brewing-2B.jpg

Able’s brewing system hinges on its popular Kone filter. Born out of a coffee lover’s nightmare (running out of filters), the stainless steel, perfectly cone-shaped filter offers a solution that is both sustainable, cost effective and ultimately produces a better cup of Joe. Unlike paper, stainless steel allows more oils from the coffee to filter through, allowing for a fuller, bolder taste.


For the brewing process, Able produced a sort of nesting system that houses the filter over the serving carafe. A sturdy, rubber heat-grip means easy handling of the filter chamber. After brewing the coffee, the top chamber is removed and the sealed lid put on to ensure the coffee stays hot. The two chamber system also results in hassle-free serving of up to 32 ounces of some of the finest homebrew.

Manufactured and designed in the US in partnership with a Portland-based ceramics studio, the Kone Brewing System is as aesthetically pleasing as it is user-friendly. Cleaning is as easy emptying the grounds and rinsing out the filter. The team at Able is also passionate about creating products that are refined, sustainable and accessible.

Available in white and grey and made entirely in the US, the Kone Brewing System starts at $120. Check out Able’s online store for more innovative pour-over products including their reusable cone and Aeropress filters.

Photos by Hans Aschim