Fellow Stagg EKG Kettle

The pour-over coffee brewing system gets a high-tech upgrade

In May of 2015 Fellow announced the launch of their company with the Duo Coffee Steeper. The brands founders are self-described “coffee nerds obsessed with product design,” and their goal with the steeper was to perfect a new way to brew coffee that highlighted the best of both French Press and pour-over brewing methods. They’ve since added innovative pour-over dripper systems and kettles to their product line-up, the newest being the Stagg EKG ($149) electric pour-over kettle, which features a minimalist design, variable temperature control, and a 1200-watt quick heat time.

The stainless steel, matte black finish Stagg EKG+ ($199) looks exactly the same, but also has the ability to set up connectivity with Acaia scales and Baratza grinders in order to be turned on and off remotely, set goal temp, and track recipes. The kettle gives precise temperature reading in Fahrenheit or Celsius also offers with 60-minute water-temperature hold mode.

Emmeline Wang of Equator Coffees & Teas is a 2018 Brewers Cup finalist who spends hours perfecting her brewing techniques and strategy for competing. Wang has been using a Stagg EKG kettle during Brewers Cup competition rounds and plans to compete with one in the upcoming 2018 finals in Seattle (http://www.uscoffeechampionships.org) and uses it at home every day. “It is a ritual for me to prepare myself a pour-over coffee every morning,” says Wang. “I love the feel and design of the Fellow kettle. The counter balance weight on the handle really helps with maintaining precision when it comes to controlling the flow rate of water when attention to detail heavily matters.”

She cites the precision and control it gives her while brewing coffee, “There is a built-in flow restrictor which gives me optimal control, especially on the competition stage when I have to brew three coffees for the judges,” she explains. “Every movement and pulse-pour I do has to be exact and precise so I can aim to bring out the same flavors in every cup.”

Image of Emmeline Wang by Cris Mendoza, all others courtesy of Fellow