The Coffee Filter Refined with Bairro Alto’s AltoAir

Minimal contact points result in more even extraction for your morning pour-over

bairro-alto-altoair-coffee-filer-B.jpg bairro-alto-altoair-coffee-filer-A.jpg

There are no ends to a coffee lover’s quest to make the perfect cup in the comfort of home. Sure destination coffee shops will always have their place, but there is a certain satisfaction gained from making your own cup first thing in the morning. Connoisseurs are continually compelled by the pour-over method and, despite its simplicity, there’s always room for innovation. The latest comes from Sabina and Matt Ford—the husband and wife duo behind Bristol, UK-based Bairro Alto. Named for the famed arts neighborhood of Lisbon where the Fords found inspiration, the AltoAir filter combines form and function. Made in the UK from 100% stainless steel, AltoAir overcomes the problem of paper filters sticking to the brewer, resulting in sticking and inconsistent extraction. “We removed the walls altogether, supporting the filter with minimal structure and surrounding it with air,” co-founder Matt explains. “The unique design of AltoAir means flow is unrestricted. This gives you consistent extraction every time.”

Compatible with carafes by simply screwing off the base or with your favorite mug, the AltoAir sells for £35.

Images by Cool Hunting