ComfyBoy Cap

From Actual Source Books—a publisher, bookstore, brand and collective design studio based in Provo, Utah—comes a cap (available in black, gray, khaki or desert orange) with the brand’s name embroidered on the front. Made in the USA, it’s one-size-fits-most, and can be adjusted thanks to a marine-grade bungee strap at the back.

Books Cap

New York-based studio and publisher Pacific produces all types of publications—from zines to catalogues—centered on contemporary art and culture. To celebrate the simple, but crucial, joy of choosing and diving into a title, Pacific made a series of caps with the word “books” embroidered on them. Available in various colorways but just one size, the caps are made from 100% organic cotton.

Citizen Edition 1

Published by the London School of Architecture, Citizen is a quarterly publication for “everybody engaged with the challenge of designing innovative proposals to bring about real improvements to the city” and aims to bring together readers from all spheres from academics to professionals and beyond. Their first issue—which tackles the aesthetics of city life—seeks to explore design as a “transformative force” rather than a discipline …