Facebook Updates Its News Feed Algorithm (Again)

Friends and family first, but you can bring CH back to your feed

Facebook’s News Feed algorithm is an ever-evolving beast, being tirelessly tweaked to keep users on the site as long as possible. The personalized stream of content eschews chronological order to essentially bring the most interesting, relevant content on top and the social media giant announced last week that bigger changes are coming to achieve this. Over time, people have become used to articles from publishers sandwiched in between updates and essays from loved ones, but Facebook will be prioritizing friends and family, and fewer posts from a publisher’s official Facebook page. (This is different, than say, when your sister or other individual user shares a link to a Cool Hunting Video).

If you don’t want to miss the daily goodness from Cool Hunting, here’s how to ensure our posts make it in to your feed: Visit our Facebook page, hover over the “Liked” button and click on “See First” (instead of “Default”). It’s kind of like the modern-day subscription. If you’ve boycotted that platform completely, we’re having lots of fun on Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter, too.

Screenshots by Cool Hunting