Spicier Smoke Hot Sauce

Like Shaquanda herself—a drag queen and founder of the eponymous company—the Spicier Smoke hot sauce is a fiery showstopper. Measuring at 25,000 Scoville heat units, this condiment is hot without compromising flavor. By using whole ingredients like onion, roasted red pepper, mustard turmeric and habanero, and eliminating fillers and starches, Spicier Smoke delivers well-rounded seasoning that brings some undeniable flair to the table.

Glimpse the Milky Way Galaxy Within This Cosmic Jelly Cake

From the Brooklyn-based, queer-owned “jelly cakery,” Solid Wiggles, The Cosmos cake offers a mesmeric, near photo-realistic interpretation of the Milky Way. From condensed milk spirals to edible glitter, the delectable visual—imagined and executed by Solid Wiggles’ proprietors: pastry chef Jena Derman and cocktails maven Jack Schramm—is the result of several meticulous processes that include centrifuges and syringe-tipped knives. And remarkably, everything one sees before digging in …

Gift Guide: 420 Happens Twice a Day

From tinctures to topicals, pre-rolls, pipes, suppositories and snacks—some of our favorite cannabis products

There’s no one-size-fits-all gift when it comes to marijuana, and the industry keeps evolving to offer more and more ways to reap the benefits of the cannabis flower. So whether you smoke it, drink it or bathe in it, we have rounded up some of our favorite products from fledgling companies as well as bigger brands that have the capacity to donate some of their …