Akemi Fox: See You Soon

Manchester-based singer-songwriter Akemi Fox embraces a sweet, summery vibe with her new song “See You Soon.” The optimistic, breezy tune—with acoustic guitar, soft percussion and horns—is carried by Fox’s exquisitely airy vocals. The artist says, “It’s a song about confessing your love to someone and wanting to see them soon to reconnect to relive all the special moments you feel when with them. The song …

Malik Moses: Marvin

Smooth, funky and seductive, Malik Moses’ latest track “Marvin” conveys the frustrations of confusing love interests. From the first infectious beat, the single captivates, gliding forward on the Baltimore native’s slinky and versatile vocals. Set against a deep purple backdrop from COLORS—the studio where Moses premiered it—the track sonically and visually gratifies.

Amelia Moore: moves

Atlanta-born, LA-based singer-songwriter Amelia Moore’s latest single, “moves,” is a playful love song about a fledgling romance—wherein the object of her affection is hung up on their ex. The upbeat, languid track combines pop, ’90s R&B and more for a glossy, sweet treat.