Foster Slippers

From Greats, these Foster Slippers are thoughtfully designed, made responsibly and super-cozy. Their nylon upper is constructed from recycled fishing nets and carpet, and lined with mesh made from plastic bottles. For a durable and sleek finish, the rubber outsoles are wrapped in locally sourced leather, providing textural difference between the puffer-inspired top and smooth footbed. These slides range in sizes and are offered in …

Scorpio Puzzle

Piecework’s 70-piece Scorpio puzzle embodies the astrological sign: it’s dark, alluring and romantic (as it depicts an altar of flowers, candles and fruit). The color palette is more than just an aesthetic choice; it lends the puzzle a higher level of difficulty. Made from recycled paper with randomized ribbon cut pieces, the mini Scorpio is both visually and functionally compelling.

Citroën’s Electric Car Made from Recycled Cardboard

The French automaker's new EV concept car, Oli, prepares for a world with less resource

Pure, purposeful and defined by extreme horizontal and vertical lines, Citroën’s new electric vehicle concept car, Oli, is a future-forward family vehicle built for a world with scarce resources. Eschewing metal and steel, Oli’s roof and hood, co-created with BASF, are made from recycled corrugated cardboard that forms a honeycomb structure sandwiched between fiberglass panels. Other elements—including recycled bumpers, textiles and plastic that acts as …