The Twisting Chuzhi House, Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles and Mud

In rural South India, the Chuzhi house from Wallmakers  (an architectural firm founded by Vinu Daniel) twists and turns between rocky outcrops and trees, intricately maneuvering through its challenging terrain. The residence’s structure takes after a snake coiling under a rock and not only works with the landscape in a visual sense but is respectful of it. Made up of almost 4,000 plastic bottles that littered the nearby areas, the home deftly employs recycled waste while also using the traditional cob-style building technique that mixes clay and straw to produce a durable substance. “The idea was to make a subterranean home that would originate from the rock bed, forming multiple whirls around the tree and adjoining to create a secure private space below for the residents and a space around the trees above that ensures that the thick vegetation and ecosystem continues to thrive undisturbed,” the firm says in a statement. Learn more about the project and view the serene home at New Atlas.

Image courtesy of Syam Sreesylam