A Coffee Table Made From Fallen Ash Trees

An incredible 95% of the 36 million trees that topple or are intentionally felled every year in the US end up in landfill, largely because incentivizes exist to get rid of fallen trees quickly rather than to give the materials to local millers who could make use of the timber. NYC’s Sabai, a women-led furniture startup, is looking to change that. Their upcoming City Table, crafted from fall ash trees salvaged in Baltimore, offers an alternative to the unsustainable wood supply chain. Partnering with Cambium Carbon (a two-year-old startup that works with cities, millers and architects to repurpose fallen trees) Sabai aims for a closed-loop, circular model to transform the trees into elegant, Scandinavian-inspired tables. Learn more about how these startups are pioneering a new scalable—and replicable—supply chain at Fast Company.

Image courtesy of Sabai