Miami Art Week 2022: Beyond the Art Fairs

Local art institutions, pop-ups and large-scale sculptural works throughout the city

Anchored by the expansive, ever-inspiring Art Basel Miami Beach and the illuminating Design Miami showcase nearby, Miami Art Week further flourishes thanks to the continued presence of Untitled, NADA, Scope and other powerful art and design fairs. To participate in this exhaustive artistic extravaganza and not step into one of Miami’s own world-class, permanent institutions is not only a disservice to the city but to oneself. Miami’s museums and galleries …

Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Underwater sculptures, meteor material, uncovered demos from The Velvet Underground and more from around the internet

Remarkable Sea Creatures Discovered Thousands of Meters Deep Deep below the surface of the Indian Ocean—thousands of meters down—several remarkable creatures have been discovered by biologists. There are animals “decked out in twinkling lights, with velvety black skin and mouths full of needle-sharp, glassy fangs.” These inhabitants represent a very remote part of the planet. Not only do they live deep down, within massive underwater …

Fertility Form Illuminated Sculpture

Straddling the line between fine art and functional design, Rogan Gregory’s Fertility Form illuminated sculptures make abstract reference to the organic shapes found in steps toward the creation of life—from sexual intercourse to the fertilization of cells and more. Gregory transforms this inspiration into branching, custom-made light fixtures crafted from gypsum. Price is available upon request.