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Cold Frame

Capitulescence Earrings


Korean jewelry brand Cold Frame creates gold and silver accessories that balance classic style with avant-garde, off-kilter design. The Capitulescence Earrings are inspired by fallen flower petals, with organic, abstract shapes balanced …


Samgyetang Ginseng Chicken Soup Toy


From Seoul-based start-up Bacon, this toy offers pups plenty of entertainment. Inside the plush chicken (which measures 23 by 18 cm), dog owners can stuff the other ingredients for a Samgyetang soup: …

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Myungsik Jang’s Gelatinous Animated Characters

Seoul-based multi-talented creative Myungsik Jang develops animated characters that exist somewhere between the sweet, strange and surreal. These creations (oftentimes appearing as a kind of anthropomorphic jelly) are animated digitally, though their personalities …