Other Brother Olive Oil

Two childhood friends making good food in California

Other Brother olive oil first caught our attention with their aesthetic: their 250mL Shorty tin of Growers Blend is a little smaller than a can of beer, easy to grip, and by far the cutest olive oil packaging we’ve come across, thanks to the sign-painting-inspired design. It’s more than just looks, though. The passion for good food exuded by the two founders Evan Loewy and …

Afterimage Double IPA by Grimm Artisanal Ales

The Brooklyn nomadic brewery offers its first-ever canned beer, along with some advice: drink it ASAP

We were first introduced to Brooklyn-ish Grimm Ales, and their unusual story, at a pizza restaurant; Marta’s resident beer aficionado Corey Gargiulo recommended pairing the spicy and bold Amatriciana pizza with Grimm’s Tesseract IPA, and it was love at first sip. Founded by veteran homebrewers Joe and Lauren Grimm—and still a two-person company—Grimm Ales has become known for their creative beers, especially dry-hopped sours and …

Bees Knees Spicy Honey

Brooklyn’s MixedMade offers just two products: spicy maple syrup (Trees Knees, as they call it) and spicy honey. The latter is made in small batches using raw honey from Hudson Valley beekeepers and infusing chili peppers—and one large pepper gets suspended in every bottle. Drizzle it over pizza, pancakes, cocktails or ice cream for a sweet, heated kick.