Commodity’s Fragrance Fitting Kit

A try-before-you-buy approach to fragrances for men and women from the LA-based outfit


Sleekly and simply packaged, Commodity’s collection of handcrafted, small-batch fragrances for men and women offer an opportunity to find one’s signature scent far away from the beauty counter. Adapting a Warby Parker-like model, the LA-based brand’s chief innovation is their Fitting Kits, which provide customers a way to play with a full range of samples before committing.


Delineated by gender, their line includes 10 scents for men and 10 for women, however there is crossover between the two collections—specifically with the brand’s more ambiguous notes including their heady, cedar-based “Paper” and the bergamot and eucalyptus-infused “Moss.” Highlights are the refreshingly natural quality of scents like “Book” (which blends musky qualities of Haitian Vetiver and Amber with the sweetness of cucumber and eucalyptus) and the nostalgic concoction “Tea” whose twang of citrus calls to mind a properly steeped cup.

Explore Commodity’s entire collection—all packaged in classic black and white—online where Fitting Kits are available for $9; which can then be put towards buying a full-sized edition.

Images courtesy of Commodity