River Tiber: Rainbow Road/Hypnotized

Canadian recording artist River Tiber (aka Tommy Paxton-Beesley) tackles vocals, bass, guitar, drums, tambourine, vibraphone, synth, rhodes, violin and cello on his double-sided single, “Rainbow Road/Hypnotized.” The sprawling songs pull influences from several genres, while referencing previous releases. There are tinges of acid jazz, hair metal, lo-fi and electronic alongside moments of ambient energy and snippets from cinematic scores. It’s an altogether mesmerizing effort.

Online Musical Time Capsule, 2020 Is A Song

Motivated by a feeling of numbness that was only remedied by music, interdisciplinary writer and editor Marisa Aveling created 2020 Is A Song—an online time capsule centered on “personal yet collective remembering.” A people-powered counterpoint to Spotify’s data-driven Wrapped, 2020 Is A Song calls for individuals all over the world to contribute a track that helped them through the year that was. An even sweeter …

Premiere: “Blue” by Angelo De Augustine feat. Sufjan Stevens

An ethereal rumination accompanied by a self-directed Super 8 music video and an inspired apparel collection

Almost exactly two years ago, we shared “Time,” a live collaboration between California-based songwriter and musician Angelo De Augustine and Sufjan Stevens. The track would tease De Augustine’s then-forthcoming album Tomb, and introduce many to the wonders of his ethereal vocals and wistful songwriting. Today, De Augustine returns with “Blue,” another exquisite example of his emotive sonic capabilities—and it also features Stevens as an accomplice. The track—soon to …