néomí: not good enough

From Surinamese-Dutch singer-songwriter néomí (aka Neomi Speelman) comes “not good enough,” the fourth single from the folk-pop artist’s forthcoming debut EP, before (out 24 June). The thoughtfully empowering track pairs warm vocals with introspective lyrics. Altogether, it’s a moving composition that stokes the flames of anticipation surrounding the EP.

Fana Hues’ Valentine’s Day Playlist for COOL HUNTING

We speak with the singer-songwriter and musician ahead of the release of "Flora + Fana"

Following her exquisite 2020 debut, Hues, singer-songwriter and musician Fana Hues is poised to release her second full-length album, Flora + Fana (out 25 March). It will encompass a spectrum of emotions lyrically and sonically, and the just-released track “Wild Horses” encapsulates them all. According to the recording artist, the first single, “Pieces,” “set the tone for Flora + Fana, ‘Breakfast’ solidified the sonic world, and ‘Wild …

Best of CH 2021: Interviews

10 of the stimulating conversations we've been lucky enough to have this year

There are countless artists, musicians, organizers, scientists, designers and inventive individuals of all disciplines that we admire from afar and, while they say never to meet your heroes, some of the most satisfying and interesting articles we embark on at COOL HUNTING involve conversations with those people. This year, like all those before, we spoke with individuals doing intriguing and valuable things with their talent …