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Fana Hues’ Valentine’s Day Playlist for COOL HUNTING

We speak with the singer-songwriter and musician ahead of the release of “Flora + Fana”

Following her exquisite 2020 debut, Hues, singer-songwriter and musician Fana Hues is poised to release her second full-length album, Flora + Fana (out 25 March). It will encompass a spectrum of emotions lyrically and sonically, and the just-released track “Wild Horses” encapsulates them all. According to the recording artist, the first single, “Pieces,” “set the tone for Flora + Fana, ‘Breakfast’ solidified the sonic world, and ‘Wild Horses’ is the complete vision realized.”

“‘Wild Horses’ is visual to me,” Hues explains about her writing process for the song. “Before I wrote a word or sang a melody, I could see a barren desert through a train window. After the vision was clear, the words flowed.” Carried by her featherweight but emotive vocals, it’s a cinematic and dramatic song but the lyrics are pared back and poetic. With a sense of longing, “Wild Horses” is ultimately a love song—as all her songs are. “Love is everything, and everything is love,” Hues says. “It has so many shapes and faces, and it’s impossible not to write about.”

With love on the brain, Hues kindly put together a Valentine’s Day playlist just for COOL HUNTING. Featuring Frank Ocean, The Internet, Naomi Sharon and others, it’s an emotional ride—from melodramatic to mellow. “The perfect playlist takes you on a journey,” she says. “I like making playlists that tell a story—like my own version of a greatest hits album.”

Hero image courtesy of Randijiah Simmons + Fana Hues


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