Madison Reed’s Color Bar in NYC

Not only satisfied with revamping at-home hair color, the start-up is making quick touch-ups as easy as possible

For decades, at-home hair color has largely remained the same: making your decision at the drugstore largely based on the model’s unnaturally shiny hair color on the box. The salon experience isn’t too much more transparent: what shade you get at the end is often a surprise. SF-based start-up Madison Reed is taking as much guesswork out of the DIY process as possible, first by …

Interview: Ankur Jain, Founder of Kairos Society + VP of Product at Tinder

The serial entrepreneur discusses global challenges and his strategy for the next generation to address them

From the Innovation Board of the X-Prize Foundation to the World Economic Forum’s select group of Young Global Leaders, Ankur Jain has proven to be more than a serial entrepreneur with an understanding of tech needs. In 2014, we spoke with Jain to discuss Humin, a contact aggregating app that allowed for seamless communication across many forms of smartphone communication. When Tinder acquired Humin, Jain …

Interview: Samantha Miller, Chief Science Officer at hmbldt

How the biochemist and cannabis enthusiast fused two passions

Launched last year, Anomaly, is crisp, tasteful and accessible. It includes specific information not only about the THC and CBD profiles but also the accessory cannabinoids that make up the formulation. Currently there are four