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World’s First Molecular Drinks Machine Can “Print” Thousands of Beverages

Bay Area-based startup Cana recently raised $30 million dollars to create Cana One, a countertop device that can print thousands of beverages including coffee and cocktails. As the startup’s CEO Mat Mahar told The Hustle, all beverages are mostly made up of water with only around 1% containing compounds—like wine’s tartaric acid or coffee’s quinic acid—that give it flavor. Of those compounds, only 30 to 50 can be registered by humans. Thus, Cana One concentrates 150 compounds into a cartridge in order to produce different drinks. Not only does this device print tasty beverages, and allow for customization using additional sugar and neutral grain alcohol cartridges, but it’s also better for the environment. The soft drink industry is estimated to generate around 20 to 34 billion plastic bottles per year. Cana One’s cartridges, on the other hand, can make approximately 200 drinks before needing to be recycled. Learn more about this clever device at The Hustle.

Images courtesy of The Hustle

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