Mini Floating Shelf

Handmade in Lyon, France, these tiled floating shelves not only provide storage without taking up floor space, they also add color and whimsy to interiors. They’re available in various hues from pastel green to vintage yellow and crème, terracotta, orange, blue and more; buyers also have the option to choose grout color. Though they’re miniature (measuring 200 by 160 by 200mm), they’re as durable as …

Mystic Box

Coming in several fun shapes, DOIY’s collection of “Mystic” ceramic boxes provides playful ways to store jewelry and trinkets. Available in various shapes—including this heart, as well as a sun, moon and crystal ball—these vessels are practical but offer a touch of magic. Price is in Euros.

Daisy Hook

Recreation Center is Brooklyn-based artist Josephine Noel’s ceramic practice. Under that moniker, Noel produces an array of playful objects with speckled patterns and vibrant splashes of color. This Daisy Hook—available in blue, pink, sage, speckle or yellow—is shaped like the cheerful flower, features two holes for securing it to a wall and a hook to hang light objects on.