A Multifunctional, Blue-Stained Wooden Bike Rack

Upcycled from trees devastated by the pine beetle epidemic in British Columbia

ICYMI: a pine beetle epidemic has attacked more than 44 million acres of pine trees in British Columbia over the past 15 years—with warmer temperatures aiding the population to grow and spread far beyond its typical reach. Not only do the beetles lay eggs beneath the tree bark—eventually killing the tree—but they also insert a fungus that stains the wood blue. This aesthetic “defect” earns it a lower rating, even though the integrity of the wood is not affected. Thankfully, some are taking advantage of the unused infested wood—instead of cutting down the healthy pine that’s left. Denver, CO-based Artifact Uprising, for example, is collaborating with local The Azure Furniture Co to make wooden photo accessories. Another new company making use of reclaimed beetle pine is Vancouver-based Killwood, who’ve designed a bike rack that also holds books and keys.

Tested to support up to 120 pounds, the sleek Bika bike rack is tinged with blueish gray streaks—and will complement whatever color your bike is. Pledge $350 CAD (about $269 USD) to Killwood’s Kickstarter campaign to reserve a Bika bike rack; expected delivery October 2016. And for any pledge $10 and up, Killwood will be planting a tree in your name.

Images courtesy of Killwood