Simris Farm-to-Bottle Microalgae Supplements

By going straight to the source of omega-3s, this Swedish biotech brand makes ingestibles that are better for you and the oceans

Presented in partnership with Simris

A decade ago, Swedish vegan ultramarathoner and PhD of Biotechnology (at Stockholm’s highly regarded KTH Royal Institute of Technology), Fredrika Gullfot saw the immense potential in extracting omega-3s from algae, rather than from the fish or krill that ingest it. Gullfot’s endeavor—going straight to the source of these essential fatty acids—wasn’t just to comply with her vegan diet, but to leave the ocean’s sensitive ecosystems …

SMOOTH Digestive Superpowder

Made to help with digestion, AYNI’s SMOOTH Digestive Superpowder comprises consciously sourced organic superfoods, prebiotics and digestive enzymes that are highly bioavailable—meaning they are absorbed into the body rapidly and effectively. Including turmeric and cinnamon (to decrease inflammation, which also reduces constipation and gas), Maqui Berry and naturally occurring prebiotic Inulin increase good bacteria, while green papaya and quinoa provide plenty of fiber to benefit …

Organic Veggies+

26 beneficial ingredients compose mindbodygreen’s Organic Veggies+ supplement, which aims to enhance the immune system and metabolism. From ginger and turmeric to sea vegetables and dark greens, the USDA- certified organic, nutrient- and antioxidant-rich formula can be added to any meal.