Voke Tab: Pocket-Sized Energy Boost

An energy supplement that’s healthy, palatable and portable

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When Kalen Caughey was a high school student and avid skier at Steamboat Mountain School in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, he encountered a mechanical problem that many an extreme athlete has faced before: his coffee kept spilling. In search of a healthy and convenient alternative, he and his father—a biochemist at Rocky Mountain Labs in Hamilton, Montana—spent several years researching energy-boosting ingredients for before developing the formula for Voke Tabs, which hit the market in 2011.

Voke Tabs come in a slim, portable tin that sits neatly in a pocket or the palm of your hand. Their appealing tart flavor comes from three botanical ingredients—Guarana berry, caffeine derived from green tea, and Acerola cherry—that have long been used to boost energy and increase endurance. The tabs are sweetened with stevia and colored with beet and berry extracts, which makes popping a Voke Tab a lot easier on the stomach than downing one of the sugary, additive-filled energy supplement drinks currently on the market.


Based in Bozeman, Montana, Voke Tabs have already grown a cult following among mountaineers, skiers and surfers, with a spokesperson roster led by elite alpine athlete Conrad Anker that includes some of the most influential outdoors-people in the world, as well as the sherpas on Everest.

Voke Tab is currently available online, in natural markets throughout the Northwest, and at Whole Foods in Portland, Oregon.

Images courtesy of Voke Tab