Healthy Skoop

A simple, tasty superfood blend for energy and immune system support


It’s almost impossible to ingest all the superfoods we’ve been instructed to eat on a daily basis. There aren’t enough meals in the day—and even if there were, not all of the listed produce are readily available. Skoop is changing that and they’re doing so with ease, awareness and a respect for tastebuds. Their blend contains 41 ingredients harvested and combined to work in conjunction with one another and your immune system. Beyond being nutrient rich, Skoop also offers antioxidants, probiotics and adaptogenic herbs. Superfoods contained include phytonutrients (only found in plants), which have been scientifically proven to develop muscle, heal wounds and increase good health. Regardless of other food awareness, a lot of people forget to consume superfoods and ultimately forego the benefits. Skoop places a high concentration of highly researched superfoods in one packet, which also happens to be available in two super-tasty versions: Chocofresh and Sweetgreens. Both contain blueberries and apples, wheatgrass and kale, flaxseed, rosemary and much more.


The team behind Skoop wants to put superfoods in the hands of every American. They liken the experience to using the best fuel for your automobile: it’s a cleaner, longterm decision. Skoop is also practicing a new model of collaborative distribution. They’ve got trainers, nutritionists and even Skoop consumers social selling—actually talking about how superfoods change lives. They’re also letting consumers try the product and if no improvement is noticed, it’s fully refundable. Their website even provides great, simple mixing recipes to turn the blend into something sip-able, whether it’s the addition of almond milk or oatmeal. Either way, to make a supplement taste good—in an age when many don’t have time to prepare food and eat well—is a feat in itself.

The full range of Skoop superfoods is available for purchase online, where a 15-pack of single serving Sweetgreens or Chocofresh sells for $30 and a 30-pack costs $50.

Images courtesy of Skoop