Care/of Personalized Daily Vitamin Pack

A monthly subscription box containing the finest quality supplements, tailored to you

Sponsored by Care/of

A number of blockades stand in the way of committing to a daily dose of vitamins and supplements, including the lack of reliable information and guidance. Aisles of options can be daunting, searching on the internet can be inconclusive, and it seems like everybody has advice to offer. With Care/of, a vitamin and supplement company that launched last year, these barriers have been lifted. After a quick, interactive survey on your diet and health goals, you’re recommended the best daily vitamins and supplements for your needs. It’s easy, intuitive and developed under the guidance of Care/of’s advisory board of doctors and academics. From there, a month’s supply of personalized daily supplement packs is assembled and shipped to your door. All of the pills within have been constructed with the highest quality ingredients, and tailored to your health, age, concerns and goals. Considering this subscription is personalized just for you, the service is also surprisingly affordable.

We’ve tested the service, and realize that simplicity and clarity mean a lot to Care/of. The survey begins with multiple choice options for each question. In less than five minutes, you answer questions about your diet, lifestyle and health goals. Some of the questions are intimate, but they steer clear of becoming invasive. The survey is friendly and empowering. Care/of recommends products based on your answers, with a balance of well-known vitamins and supplements that have been used in traditional medicine (like Rhodiola, a herbal supplement from Siberia used to improve energy levels). They will even offer insight into the research behind each supplement, so you can make an informed choice.

Care/of makes their own line of vitamins and supplements. There is complete transparency in the ingredient supply chain here—all visible on the Care/of website—unlike with most other supplement brands. The research and development team has sourced ingredients from the best natural environments and conduct extensive product tests, both on raw materials and finished products. To Care/of, honesty and transparency are core values, especially important in an industry where other brands regularly make egregious claims in advertising or obscure their ingredients and quality control practices.

To try Care/of, you can take the survey on their website, or you can build your own custom vitamin packs, with prices starting at $5 a month for one daily pill. There’s free shipping on all orders over $20, and Care/of is offering CH readers 50% off their first month with the code: COOLHUNTING.

Images courtesy of Care/of