Link About It: This Week’s Picks

An inclusive skateboard community, Shantell Martin's couch canvas, The 1619 Project illustrated and more

NYC’s Javits Center Opens Rooftop Farm Since 2014, the Jacob K Javits Convention Center has been home to the largest green roof in NYC, totaling 6.75 acres of greenery. Now, the venue has added a one-acre farm in order to supply ingredients to its kitchen, cutting the use of fossil fuels and carbon emissions. The farm, which officially launched in September, is expected to provide …

Philip Nitschke’s “Sarco” Pod Legalized in Switzerland

An assisted death pod—wherein an individual can press a button to have the space fill with nitrogen, in turn causing oxygen levels to drop, so they feel “slightly euphoric” before becoming unconscious and then dying peacefully within minutes—has been approved for use in Switzerland, where physician-assisted suicide is already legal. The pod—first unveiled in 2019 by Australian humanist, author, former physician and founder and director …

Panoramas Wool Blanket

Swiss artist Roland Schär captures the essence of landscapes—spontaneous lines, playful textures and vibrant colors sweep through his compelling work. ZigZagZurich’s Panoramas blanket celebrates the artist’s vision, turning his unbound abstract scenery into a 100% New Zealand wool blanket. Woven in Europe and measuring 55 by 79 inches, the Nordic-style jacquard blanket is guaranteed to keep even the coldest toes warm.