Philip Nitschke’s “Sarco” Pod Legalized in Switzerland

An assisted death pod—wherein an individual can press a button to have the space fill with nitrogen, in turn causing oxygen levels to drop, so they feel “slightly euphoric” before becoming unconscious and then dying peacefully within minutes—has been approved for use in Switzerland, where physician-assisted suicide is already legal. The pod—first unveiled in 2019 by Australian humanist, author, former physician and founder and director of the pro-euthanasia organization Exit International, Philip Nitschke—is named Sarco and takes the form of a futuristic coffin or space-age sleeping capsule. Nitschke says that the aim is to “de-medicalize” death—currently in Switzerland, anybody seeking assisted suicide must see a doctor to be analyzed and prescribed sodium pentobarbital, but with Sarco it will involve “an online test and an access code.” He explains that he hopes to provide a peaceful alternative and put those who are suffering in control. Read more at designboom.

Image courtesy of Exit International