Planet Plush Keyring

Imbued with Misaki Kawai’s bold and playful style, this plush keyring is colorful, textured and sweet. The fluffy planet has been embroidered with the word “home” in Kawai’s trademark, childlike lettering. While it doesn’t resemble Earth, or even another familiar planet, it’s a nod to the idea that home isn’t a place, but a feeling.

Push Trio Dishes

Available in brass, steel or copper, this trio of dishes (joined together at their edges) arrives the same as each other, but then the owner can press and push them in order to expand to the shape they want. Blending mathematics, design and a little customization, the Push Dishes measure 15cm by 20cm and are perfect for storing precious tchotchkes. Price is in Euros.

PARadISe Snow Globe

Pretty in pink, this snow globe from Colette spells out “paradise” but (in all-caps) also “Paris”—a very kitsch and sweet way of saying they are one and the same. The globe—measuring about 8.5cm by 8.5cm—is available in five colorways, with each one displaying a slightly different version of the word: from the Dutch “paradijs” to the French “paradis.” But no matter your native tongue, the …