CH Gift Guide: Cheeky Goods

An irreverent spin through our holiday bestowments

Add a little humor to the holiday season by presenting friends and loved ones with a reason to laugh in the form of a useful object. From Perks and Mini’s Carefree Willy keychain to Muffin Top muffin cups, or the gift everyone can get involved in—Cards Against Humanity—here are 10 items culled from the regularly updated Cool Hunting Gift Guide that will bring about the joy and prompt loads of laughing out loud. Keep track of your favorites by signing in and clicking the heart icon, which you can share as a wishlist or ogle when you need an afternoon pick-me-up.

moma-pig-cooking-lid.jpg buddha-butter-dish-gg.jpg
Pig Cooking Lid

You’ve already got the pot and the belly—now all you need is the pig. MoMA’s handy Pig Cooking Lid can be placed on any pot and helps food cook easily as hot water vapor releases through its silicone snout—while looking adorable in the process. This useful item was originally featured in MoMA’s Destination: Japan, an exclusive curated collection featuring cutting-edge Japanese products. The perfect gift for home cooks, pig-lovers or design enthusiasts, this most hotheaded of swine is ready to blow off some steam.

Buddha Butter Dish

Few things have brought so much joy to this world as Buddha and butter have. Now, the two great forces combine in this mind-blowing Buddha butter dish, created with a mission to provide self-accepting inner-peace as you grow a Buddha belly of your own. Buddha says, “Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.” So spread that butter on without fear, enjoy the present and embrace the impermanence of that belly.

muffintops-gg.jpg dinosaur-iphone-stand-blue.jpg
Muffin Top Muffin Cups

We couldn’t think of a more fitting time than the holidays to pay homage to the glorious muffin top. A cushioning part of our anatomy, often scorned, these supple bits of softness form a necessary layer during the colder months, and serve as a well-earned record of many overindulgent yet delicious holiday feasts. Muffin Top Muffin Cups will offer an ironic pause as you enjoy your home baked muffin. New Year’s resolutions don’t kick until January, so ’til then, embrace those sexy curves and eat up.

Dinosaur iPhone Stand

Add a prehistoric touch to modern technology with a dinosaur smartphone dock. The re-conceived toy figures use the Jurassic reptile’s hefty tail for stability, which is attached to a suction cup that temporarily adheres to your device. The hand-painted docks come in a variety of bright colors and you can also request your favorite hue.

carefree-willy-pam-keychain.jpg cast-of-vices-fly-cufflinks-gg-2.jpg
Carefree Willy Keychain

From cult fave Down Under designers Perks And Mini’s “Sometimes I Wander” collection, this statement-making Aussie woodsman seems to be enjoying the breeze. Willy takes a titillating trek in the nude without a worry in the world—no fear of being ticketed for public nudity when you are deep in the Australian bush. This amusing character is sure to elicit a chuckle every time you reach for the keys.

Fly Cufflinks

LA-based Cast of Vices designs around society’s inevitable demise and the “cigarette butts, pills, bottle caps and coke bags” that will be left behind, addressing both our addictions and tendencies toward self-medication. They’ve include the pesky fly in their collection to signify the nagging and noxious nature of our bad habits. Melancholic metaphors aside, this most irritating of insects takes on a new beauty when transformed into these semi-precious cufflinks, sure to generate some buzz at any formal gathering.

Cards_Against_Humanity_Box-gg.jpg naughtygnome-gg.jpg
Cards Against Humanity

The game that started with a Kickstarter campaign and often ends with awkward conversations about tentacle porn is the ultimate good-time gift. Referred to as a party game for horrible people, Cards Against Humanity causes endless uncomfortable moments, huge amounts of rolling on the floor laughter, and unforgettable images and scenarios which will be forever etched into your brain, such as a micropig wearing a tiny raincoat and booties, a sad fat dragon with no friends and many more.

Naughty Gnome

For an excellent gag gift, look no further than Solid ID’s Naughty Gnome. A curmudgeonly character with a clear message, this little lad looks as if he has been doused in paint and is less than happy about it. Make it a brilliant—if not slightly awkward—conversation starter in the garden, the office, the living room or any other environment where one is not afraid to offend.

kasotrpencilsharpener-gg.jpg yfrontmouse-gg.jpg
Kastor Pencil Sharpener

Anyone who has ever seen a beaver dam knows that those rodents have a pretty powerful set of choppers. Put your own little herbivore to work with this humorous sharpener designed by Rodrigo Torres for Alessi, known for their quirky objects which go far beyond function. Molded from chrome-plated zamak, your resourceful desk assistant is biologically evolved for the task of whittling your graphite, and eager to chomp.

Y-Front Mouse

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. In the glorious 1980s, Y-Front Mouse soared to superstardom with his catchy jingles, TV and radio shows. Three decades later, fame has done him in. The beloved rodent is reduced to a sad alcoholic living alone in a pub and still wearing his trademark Y-front pants—AKA tighty whiteys. But he’s poised for a comeback, which you can follow in this heartwarming, illustrated success story. With his buddy Bad Tooth, Y-Front embarks on a fantastic journey to once again, achieve greatness.