Scented Crying Candles by The Jacks

The young Korean designers make melting animal faces and human brains adorable

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We’ve seen our fair share of handmade scented candles and thoughtful containers, but it’s the ones hiding a devious personality underneath that really go the extra mile. PyroPet’s cat and bird forms (which reveal a metallic skeleton inside) are a favorite—but we’ve now found another brand that successfully blends the cute and macabre. These candles, from new Korean company The Jacks, are shaped like ears, antlers or brains and slowly melt through the eye holes of the ceramic rabbit, deer or human head. The dripping wax resembles tears falling, hence, the crying candle name.

A group of friends—including graphic designers, a 3D artist and a sculptor—founded The Jacks after meeting at Seoul’s artsy Hongik University, where they studied visual communication design. The sculptor’s hobby of making useless items with the 3D printer led to a skull-shaped ashtray which was then transformed into their first prototype when one of the designers decided to light a candle in it.

The team has been fine-tuning the design for the melting series for a year; now they’ve launched a Kickstarter to fund distribution and production costs (like creating more silicone molds to experiment with new ideas). Production takes place in Korea and they hope to set up a small production facility of their own rather than leasing, which can be more costly. Team head Choi Wonseok tells CH if the production facility gets funded, they want to provide much-needed employment opportunities to workers with physical disabilities—as the simple yet repetitive work requires long concentration and patience.

Currently the ceramic holders come in either black or white, and their corresponding candle comes in bright colorways (with each color bearing a different fragrance). Check out the slideshow for more designs.

Long after the candle has melted through, the ceramic holders are alluring enough to keep as a decorative tchotchke, but can be filled with whatever you wish: from M&Ms to cacti.

Reserve a candle starting at $23 (which includes adorable miniatures as an extra) by donating to The Jacks’ Kickstarter campaign, with expected shipping just in time for Halloween. Those based in South Korea can order directly from The Jacks’ online shop.

Images courtesy of The Jacks