Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Design competitions, televised art classes, virtual parties, online orations and more ways to feel connected

George Nakashima’s Children Live Within and Preserve His Design Legacy Japanese-American architect and furniture designer George Nakashima’s New Hope, Pennsylvania property houses more than 19 buildings by the craftsman. Two of them are homes to his daughter, Mira (who runs the grounds) and his son, Kevin—an unofficial keeper of the family’s saga. A prolific creator, Nakashima turned from commercial architecture to midcentury folk craft. During …

Interview: Antionette Carroll, TED Fellow and Founder of Creative Reaction Lab

Guidance on design, equity, community and being OK with failure

“Mistakes will be a part of everything you do, and you’ll be OK with it. Failure will be a part of you, and you’ll be OK with that.”

Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Tons of hidden diamonds, Jupiter's new moons, America's last Blockbuster and more

1. Some Recently Discovered Moons of Jupiter are Weirder Than Others Scott Sheppard’s astronomy division at the Carnegie Institution for Science hunts for objects in very distant parts of our Solar System. Sometimes, however, they’re able to scour areas closer—depending on the orbit of planets intersecting with their work. When the latter scenario arose with Jupiter, Sheppard and his colleagues discovered 10 new moons—bringing the …