Ombre Arc Lighter

Available in two colorways (each equally glittery), Tetra’s Ombre Arc Lighter looks spectacular, but is undeniably practical. Not only is it reusable and chargeable (one USB charge offers about 50 lights), it’s also windproof and airplane-friendly. Button-activated, it’s a contemporary, playful and sparkly take on the traditional Zippo.

Anchor Cable

Nothing brings on a Monday morning tantrum quite like coffee spills or tech fails. Native Union’s new Anchor cable can help with the latter. Instead of fumbling with slipping, tangled USB cables, Anchor boasts a non-slip geometric weight—keeping your wires in place. Super-durable and over six feet long, Anchor comes in blue or taupe and, unlike many tech accessories, won’t be an extra eyesore in …

Portable Lighting with the Luminoodle

A versatile, waterproof string of LED lights that's easy to hang, wrap or stick with magnets

The Salt Lake City, UT-based team Power Practical has some inventive battery-charging solutions under their belt, from their debut product PowerPot (a camping pot that charges your mobile devices as you boil water, thanks to thermoelectric technology) to the Pronto5, a portable battery-pack that recharges itself to full in one hour so you can go right back out the door. Their latest product ventures into …