Portable Lighting with the Luminoodle

A versatile, waterproof string of LED lights that's easy to hang, wrap or stick with magnets

The Salt Lake City, UT-based team Power Practical has some inventive battery-charging solutions under their belt, from their debut product PowerPot (a camping pot that charges your mobile devices as you boil water, thanks to thermoelectric technology) to the Pronto5, a portable battery-pack that recharges itself to full in one hour so you can go right back out the door. Their latest product ventures into portable lighting territory: a durable yet flexible five-foot string of LED lights they’ve playfully dubbed the Luminoodle. With accompanying loops, magnets and ties for easy hanging anywhere—not to mention, it’s waterproof—the USB-powered strand adapts to whatever situation you need it for.

“We don’t want to tell you how the Luminoodle is supposed to be used—you tell us,” Director of Sales, Wafiq Ali tells CH. “We come from a background of camping, outdoor and nerdy gadgets, but we also like useful things.” Ali notes that while Power Practical has not made a light-based product before, they’ve dipped a toe in the water with a battery pack that has a built-in lantern; it’s become their best-selling product in brick-and-mortar stores, and the distinguishing factor seemed to be the bright light.

When not stuck to the hood of your car, hung in a tree or wrapped around your body, the Luminoodle can be stored in the nylon bag it comes in—or you can keep the lights on to transform it into a modern-day lantern. Note that the Luminoodle can’t be turned on unless it’s connected to a USB battery pack at all times; when connected to Power Practical’s own Lithium 4400, you can get up to six hours of lighting.

Reserve a five-foot long Luminoodle with an early-bird price of $14 via Power Practical’s Kickstarter campaign; with fingers crossed, they’ll be shipping by December 2015—just in time to be used for major holiday party decorating.

Images courtesy of Power Practical