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The Indoor and Outdoor FollowMe Lamp from Marset

A modern, lantern-like table lamp designed to let you roam your home

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Barcelona is known for its flair—in natural geography, architecture and style of the city’s inhabitants. With this in mind, it’s no surprise one of the most exciting companies in lighting at the moment hails from the coastal city. Though Marset has been around since the 1940s, a recent revitalization of the brand has kept it on our radar these past few years. Their latest piece to garner attention is the FollowMe, an LED table lamp inspired in form and function by the traditional oil lantern.

Marset-FollowMe-Designer.jpg Marset-FollowMe-3.jpg

The small shape and warm light lend nicely to both indoor and outdoor settings. And thanks to a built-in battery (that charges with a USB port), the lamp can travel with you from dinner table to backyard drinks—or even further. Designer Inma Bermúdez took great care to ensure each aspect of FollowMe be of the highest quality—from using dimmable LED to the warm oak handle, the compact lamp beckons to be moved and enjoyed in a variety of settings.

FollowMe retails for $245. Visit Marset online for more information and stockiest info.

Images courtesy of Marset


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