Our Favorites from CES 2018

It’s impossible to see everything at the annual tech show, but we covered a lot of ground and found some gems

The annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas promises endless crowds, countless gadgets and a consuming buzz that’s heard around the world. This year the addition of a torrential rainstorm and a power outage at the Las Vegas Convention Center threw some unexpected flavor in to the otherwise predictable mix. In terms of overarching themes, we saw voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant …

The All-New Dailymotion

A user experience-focused redesign makes the video platform more personal

Here at CH we can appreciate the immense amount of strategic thought that goes into a user experience-driven redesign. Dailymotion, the Vivendi-owned video platform, has relaunched in the US as part of a global rollout focused on creating a new, personalized video experience. The Dailymotion redesign puts a clear emphasis on topical and trending content by organizing videos seamlessly across key points of entry into …

Tech Evolutions that Simplify the User Experience

We're moving on from the age of pointing and clicking

Presented by the New Range Rover Velar

The mouse enabled graphical interfaces decades ago. Wireless data enabled us to remain connected on the go. Faster processors and smaller sensors have increased the range of what our devices can do. In this world of rapidly evolving tech, consideration for how we as people interact with our technology is not typically as advanced. There are a few great examples out there where humanity and …