Buy and Sell Sneakers on Slang

A sleek new app that brings a major upgrade in the user experience of reselling kicks


Sneakers started as a utilitarian answer to the need for performance shoes in athletics, and over the last 60-odd years, they have transformed from functional footwear to status symbol to even art pieces. Sneakers are a culture with nuance, rich history and regional variance—and ever since they have been coveted, they’ve been re-sold. Looking to improve that experience, the newly launched app Slang makes buying and selling sneakers straightforward, transparent and better looking than a fresh pair of Flyknits.

“The idea came from the fact that buying sneakers is a miserable process,” says founder Stephen Varady. “They sell out immediately in stores and online, then disappear into eBay and the crevices of the internet. All of which have horrible user experiences for both the buyers and the sellers.” Instead, Slang encourages social sharing via Facebook and Twitter. A strong visual design means content comes first and the user interface is organized around one-hand mobile access.


“We placed the crucial elements of the interface, like the menu tab, within the easy-to-reach comfort zone near the bottom of the screen,” Varady tells CH. “And then we went a step further and turned that tab into a modal system we use throughout the interface for login, sharing, editing, checkout, etc.” For the user, this makes what could be a complicated ordeal on other platforms surprisingly simple. It’s almost as easy as posting an Instagram. “The modal solution is wonderful because it doesn’t transport you away from the content,” Varady adds.


Purchasing and selling on Slang notably doesn’t feel like a peer-to-peer experience. Varady designed the selling platform to be uniform across sellers, with photo assistance and a simple but informative template for essential information. When you buy on Slang (as easy as swiping right), you’ll get instant tracking info while buyers get a pre-paid, pre-addressed Slang shipping label. The new platform is a great way to move all the kicks you’re too afraid to wear, or pick up some new pieces for the season.

Download Slang now via the App Store to start buying and selling sneakers. The app is free, but the vintage Jordans are going to cost you.

Images courtesy of Slang